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Welcome to Grovehill Animal Trust. We would like to extend a massive thank you for choosing to rescue a dog and we would like to also thank you for choosing Grovehill to help you do this. Together we are giving animals a future.

In order to help you in the selection of your new dog and to help us match you with one of our animals we ask that you complete an application form.

This form, together with a consultation, home visit, and landlord approval (if applicable) is designed to help find an animal that is most compatible with your lifestyle and to ensure the dog finds its forever home. This will help ensure minimum stress to yourself and the animal, and ultimately result in the perfect match.

If you have a landlord, we will need approval as some housing agreements don’t allow pets. If we give you a dog without approval this could result in the landlord asking to remove your new pet. This wouldn’t be fair on you or the dog. It’s important that you write your landlord information accurately on the form as your application will not go to the next stage without these checks being done.

House visits are very informal. Our biggest concern is the security of your garden. Often we don’t have full knowledge of a rescue dog’s complete history, and as some dogs come from the pound, many have a habit of running away the first chance they get until they get to know their new home. So it’s our policy that all gardens must be appropriately secure.  This would be a fence, gates etc. At a house visit we will advise on any garden issues and work with you to make the garden ready.

Once the house visit is done and any work needed is completed we will then pass your application and offer you the dog.  A rehoming agreement must be agreed and signed.

The cost of providing vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, neutering or spaying, micro-chipping and all care costs can be in excess of £250 if you were organising all of that yourself. We therefore do ask for a donation when you rehome one of our dogs. A minimum of £90 is required for dog rehoming (includes £5 dog licence).

Grovehill is always here for advice if you need it once you have taken on an animal.

Many Thanks

Team Grovehill