About Us

Grovehill Animal Trust formed a committee and became a registered charity in November 2011 to help homeless animals in Omagh and the surrounding areas. To date together we have saved over 10,000 unwanted, neglected and abandoned animals.

Grovehill Charity Shop, 1 Foundry Lane Omagh, was opened in March 2012 and has been a huge success thanks to the tireless work and dedication of the shop manager, volunteers and the generosity of the general public in donating items to sell. The shop has provided the shelter with a constant source of income essential to progress the work required.

The trust has moved on in so many ways from its beginnings. In November 2013 we took the next step in our overall strategy by moving into our new site and submitting plans to build a bricks and mortar shelter that will one day be open to the public, ensuring we can grow and develop the trust for years to come. There have been many changes over the years at the shelter but our core values have never changed and the welfare of the animals remains at the heart of what we do every day.

We are a small charity that is entirely self funded and run by a small team of staff and dedicated volunteers, with plans of building and developing a purpose built rehoming centre.

We are committed to:

  • The rescuing and rehoming of abandoned or unwanted cats and dogs
  • The rescue of unclaimed dogs from the pound who would otherwise be put to sleep
  • The rehabilitation of abused and neglected animals
  • The education of the public in animal welfare
  • The promotion of neutering and spaying of animals
  • The campaigning for changes in legislation to protect companion animals

What we do:

  • Animals who arrive at the shelter are given a veterinary health check
  • Any illnesses or conditions are treated immediately
  • We microchip, deflea, worm, neuter and fully vaccinate all cats and dogs in our care
  • We strive to make the animal’s stay with us as stress free and comfortable as possible, ensuring all of their exercise, social and nutritional needs are met.
  • We actively find new homes for every animal which involves a compressive process to ensure suitability, guaranteeing that both animal and new owner will begin their years of companionship in the best way possible.
  • We are always available to give advice when needed.