Kitten Season

This week we have received 4 four week old kittens that were found by the river in Drumquin without their mother. These are the first kittens this year and mark the start of kitten season, one of the busiest times of the year at the shelter. The kittens are too young to stay at the shelter and their being fostered out with a volunteer at the moment. They need bottled feed every 4 hours and are doing really well; they won’t be ready for re-homing for some time yet. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with their progress at

During kitten season we always receive calls from the public looking information on how to hand rear kittens.

How to care for new born kittens that have been separated from their mothers:

  • Use substitute kitten milk replacer, formulated specifically for kittens – Don’t give cow’s milk as kittens cannot easily digest this.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully regarding dilution, frequency and volume of feeding – overfeeding can be as dangerous as underfeeding.
  • Feeding should be done with great care as it is easy for kittens to inhale the milk and develop pneumonia which can be fatal.
  • Kittens are unable to pass urine or faeces without assistance for the first few weeks of their lives so the area around their bottom needs to be stimulated using a damp piece of cotton wool before and after each feed.
  • Contact your vet if you need more information.

As it’s kitten season I would like to remind cat owners again to have their cats neutered to stop any unwanted kittens.

Pet selfies

We have had a great response to our pet selfies and you can still take part. Take a selfie with your pet and post it on Facebook/twitter and txt PSGH14 £2 to 70070 to donate £2 to Grovehill animal trust.