Foster Homes

We do our best at the shelter to make an animal’s stay with us as stress free as possible but sometimes some animals just can’t accept shelter life and we would foster these animals into short term foster homes.

Short term fostering is a great way to free up space at the shelter so we can bring in more animals and save more lives. It also enables us to assess how the animals react to different situations and allows us to work on their house training and socialisation where required.

Fostering also makes the transition for animals used to living in a home much less stressful. We can supply fosterers with food, bedding, bowls, beds, collars / leads etc. and all veterinary treatments are covered. Fostering is useful for people who are thinking about getting a pet but who aren’t 100% sure yet or don’t have the time to commit to a full time pet. Fostering also gives potential owners a valuable insight to pet ownership.

If you would be interested in fostering an animal, please contact the shelter on 028 8076 0482.